It wasn’t a super entertaining fight as Rolly Romero, 24 years old and going on 72, fought Ismael Barrosso, 72 years old going on 24, due to a lack of activity on the younger man’s part. Rolando “Rolly” Romero was fighting cautiously, no doubt because of what happened in his last fight against Gervonta Davis. It was up to Ismael “Geritol” Barrosso to push the action and push he did. Barrosso, knowing that this could be his last fight before he dies of old age next week, was going for broke (and not a hip) when he landed a good shot in the second round and placed Rolly on the canvas. Rolly tried to comeback but he wasn’t very effective, maybe because of the laws against elder abuse. Either way, several rounds later, Referee Tony Weeks ended the fight just as the elder statesman in the ring landed two shots on Romero and saved Barrosso from any further abuse on his arthritic hands. I mean, that had to be why because Barrosso, even without his walker, was still standing and evading shots. Weeks stopped the fight, giving Romero the victory and this is why we should do a urinalysis test on the Referees also, at least a breathalyzer. At the time of the stoppage, Barrosso was up on all three score cards.

In all fairness, this is the first time I ever seen Tony Weeks make a bad call, but it was a doozy. And, I poke fun at Barrosso because he is not 40, probably, and sometimes, in poor countries with more lax laws, Venezuela, you have to work so you fudge your age to stay relevant and it may be the only way he can earn an income….. but he fought one hell of a fight and deserved the payday that came with winning that belt. They should order an immediate rematch and then pay him some good step aside money and make him mandatory for the next fight. That would be the fair thing to do, if he’s still living, lol, I’m kidding, crossing my fingers for him.

The one thing I noticed is that Barrosso didn’t complain. Everyone makes an issue about that, but everyone makes an issue when you do, and at that point, would it matter? His corner did but, again, at that point, after the injustice was done, what difference does it make? So, should you complain when an injustice is done? It’s a tricky question but my answer is simple….. hell yeah, nothing changes unless you fight. That’s why I love boxing.

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