Just in case you have been living in any other place other than where rice-a-roni is a treat, there is a study that was commissioned by the city’s council. The basis for that study is reparations, mainly if there was any unjust actions taken by the city in moving or forcing African American residents to move from their homes through coercion so the city can make money by gentrifying their neighborhoods. Forcing people to be outpriced and to relocate. At least that was the gist of what I understood. The council came back and stated that crimes were committed and that reparations for those actions would be appropriate. You can’t jail the people that forced people out of their homes but you can make it right by settling in a civil action. It wouldn’t be the first time that a group of people were forced to give up their land in the name of so called “progress”, just ask any Native American. That’s the claim, again, as I understand it. Right or wrong, for better or worse, the city commissioned the study, and it should stick to its original ideals, some would call it…its “wokeness”, while others would call its “ridiculousness”. Me, I have no opinion on the matter. The study came back and said that every African American resident is owed $5,000,000 for the city’s actions. There has been some uproar about the sum and while some people completely agree with the sum, every African American resident of San Fran, there is some that think that the whole thing is an overreach.

My opinion is simple, you should never crap on people’s good fortune. Good for them and I hope they get their money. I say if the people affected by the the policies that forced them out of their homes get $5 mil… that’s great and justice has been served. Now, the part that says that every non African American has to pay $600K, that is ridiculous. You are not going to get any court to enforce that because the decision was the city’s to make, not the non African American residents of the city. Me, being Hispanic, and not a resident of where the 49ers call home, shouldn’t really have a say, but can still have an opinion, thinks that you shouldn’t be able to force people to pay for what a city council made a decision on. But I also think that these people, since the study was commissioned, should be compensated, like anyone that has been wronged. Well, San Fran, what are you going to do? 5 million, how about that, that’s a lot of rice-a-roni, I guess this would be the new gold rush.

I guess mentioning Pandora…her box…. and that note that said don’t look in here but you just had to would be appropriate.