I’m a NY Mets fan, which makes sense because I love to almost win before fading into oblivion. This time around, I find the team I root for in a very strange position, where the owner of the team isn’t being fleeced by a pyramid scheme and actually spending money on the team instead a bunch of lawyers (or maybe both) but Cohen has the money to do that, my advice, stay away from anyone named Madoff. The Mets, with a win now mentality, are making moves that has the whole MLB talking, mostly them saying rich m@ther effer, which is fine by me because I used to say it about the Yankees and then I would root for them anyway when the Mets were sent home. The Met’s problems today aren’t real problems, they’re more like what should I drive to the park, the Ferrari or the Lamborghini. Those are the problems to have. A lot of other teams complain because they’re giving out Metro cards for the players to get to the park and I get it but money doesn’t guarantee you a victory. The Astros, 9th biggest payroll last year, won it all, before that it was the Atlanta Braves, 12th biggest payroll that year at 147 million, and before that it was the, we don’t have talk about 2020. The point being is that money helps but the intangibles are important, like… hmmm, the intangible stuff, if I knew I would be working for them instead of blogging to nine people.

The predicament the Mets find themselves in is they have too many players and they have to release some and lets be honest, no one wants to leave the NY market. Where else can you get a NY pizza or a New York hot dog while dodging pigeon shit, nowhere. NY is an electric place with very rabid fans that will ride or die for their teams, there may be no bigger fan base in all of sports. Now they face this dilemma of who to keep and who to give away. For me, and every know nothing like me, its pretty simple, give away the guys that are less better…. not as good?…. maybe, the ones more worse… They’re all good but when looking at the roster, Verlander has to go… just kidding… hahaha, no… in my unprofessional and most likely completely wrong opinion, Baty and Escobar should be your DH hitters, while rotating into the field. Baty into left field and third base to give the starters time off and Escobar at first, third and shortstop when needed. The guys that are at DH now are good but they wouldn’t be able to play the positions these two guys would. Batty (I spelled that wrong didn’t I) is going to eventually be a perennial All Star and Escobar is a good player that drives in runs especially in clutch situations. Escobar doesn’t get frazzled by big league moments, he seems to thrive in them. Eventually, Baty is going to be a full time position player with other players backing him up. The Mets probably know this already but what kind of fan would I be if I didn’t criticize and give them all the wrong answers before I buy all their merch.

Anyway, Go Mets, hopefully, we’ll see………