I have been reading about how experts warn that some of these EV automakers are destined to fail, for one reason or another. Bad timing into the market, inflation, cash flow, competition and so on. I was thinking, which creates this painful sensation above my neck, why don’t these companies do what all these other companies did, merge into a group. Lucid, Fisker and Rivian could become the first EV automotive group since the merger of Disney and Marvel, and look how that worked out. It worked out good, right? (stock price tanked from above $190 to about $90) I mean, they’re not an automotive group, but they are a merger. Now, I understand that there are financial backers of these companies and it might be more difficult than just signing a piece of paper that would save their companies from annihilation, I also understand that there’s also ego. Who is going to lead this group and what would you name it? If Rivian had a name that began with an E, they could have called it the ELF group, that would have been awesome, especially during Christmas, imagine the advertising that would go during that time. Let an ELF deliver your gift, pretty damn good. (I’m not in advertising) Their products, individually are pretty impressive, collectively a major force, but do you think they will do it, nope (good movie). Anyway, I’m pretty sure all that money I put into their stock, that I invested into these companies will be lost and instead of these companies merging into the biggest EV automakers in the world, they’re going to just die off, because not one wants to relinquish a bit of control. That’s why I won’t buy their cars. I don’t think they’ll be around long enough to fix any problems that may pop up. It’s funny. They’re not going to be able survive or compete against the big automakers unless they can consolidate their resources, there is no way. They’re going to be undersold with an equivalent product by these other guys or they’re going to start feeling the pain of warranty fixes and eventually go under. But they won’t find a solution that seems attainable. Maybe I’m wrong, I’m not very smart (a Daimler product). Maybe it’s not even possible in the first place, who knows. Or maybe Tesla will blow them up in all out EV war, that would be fun to watch on the Bravo channel. I hope I’m wrong, I hope those experts are wrong. I hope they succeed.