Well, it only lasted 2 and half years but the midterm elections are over. And thank (fill in the deity or person you admire the most and hopefully it’s not yourself) because it seemed that the former President was going to get elected to all the open posts but he decided to drop out and concentrate on his one true love…. fighting all the civil and possible criminal charges he may be facing. Now, I would like to congratulate the Repubs and Demos because they seem to have beat out each other but not the American people because absolutely nothing has changed. I am awaiting to see who the adults in the room are to know how I am going to vote for 2024. All I see is grandstanding in the form of holding press conferences (was that paid by tax payers?) about how people are not going anywhere but are going to be there just not there there but definitely somewhere around there and how seemingly special they are to people saying I don’t want to play with you guys because you guys didn’t let us play so I’m going to restrict your committees because when you did it we thought it was wrong but when we do it it has to be the opposite or why we would do it and they’re going back to watching the 2016 elections which they have playing on a loop. So zero adults in the room. That’s great. A lot of…oooohhhhh look at me and not enough lets try and get this inflation down and lower the price of Honey Nut Cheerios. Disappointing. There are bright spots… there are people that realize politics isn’t a reality show on CBS. They keep the drama to a minimum and just do their jobs, you just never heard of them because they don’t seek the limelight and just do their jobs. Unfortunately they will probably never get elected to those high positions even though they should. I blame twitter. Not that they did anything but seemingly everyone else is for everything so might as well.

I will definitely vote for the people that can end crime scenes like Uvalde, El Paso, Florida thing that happened, and all similar massacres. Personally, I don’t think it has anything to do with gun rights, as an uptick in crowd blasting with vehicles has risen, it might have something to do with the electrical grid…. but whoever can end that crazy shit will get my vote and their party can also count on it, no matter how unqualified they are, they would still be more qualified then the people that can’t put an end to it. Seemingly, there hasn’t been anyone with the gonads to put an end to it. I think we all are tired of seeing someone’s son or daughter getting killed or hurt.