I don’t get it. There’s something amiss here. You have people that cheated on their GED’s in Congress dictating the feasibility of funding programs with a multi-trillion dollar budget but when I apply for Head Administrator of NASA, they come up with minimal qualifications and necessary pertinent education.

What they’re saying is, the people in charge of funding NASA, who think ALOE is something you apply to a sunburn, financially speaking, don’t have to have a minimal qualification level or pass a mandatory financial literacy exam, but I have to be qualified for a job that is governed by them?

This is bullshit, I’ll never become Emperor of Mars with these silly ass rules. I’m calling my congressman, hopefully he realizes it’s the phone ringing this time and doesn’t think demons are making his pants vibrate.

In all seriousness, I just want the people running the country to be smarter than the wall their talking to, is that too much to ask.

(not applicable to all lawmakers)