In a hilarious move by the Governors of Florida and Texas, they have emancipated non citizens citizens from Texas and relocated them to sanctuary cities across America. While I understand their move, I think it a little ironic. They’re trying to show, unfortunately in a Democratic Presidential term, that illegal border crossings are an economical strain on their economy, hopefully that’s it and nothing else. If they are or they aren’t is debatable. If they really felt that way, they could have done it in a Republican term to show that it isn’t a political stunt. History is really a bitch though, and I’ll tell you why. Prior to Texas actually becoming a State of this great country, settlers were moving to Tejas, due to it’s vastness and fertile soil and great opportunities and nice weather. The Mexican government didn’t have a problem with it and welcomed it. Then in 1835, those settlers decided that they would revolt and make Tejas into Texas. In some fairness though, this isn’t 1836 and taking land is what was done, sort of, back then. Now that these people are coming here to try and make a living, they are quickly being deported…. to another state. Hopefully, they weren’t kept incarcerated until they agreed to leave the State, that would be bad, and were asked instead of demanded to leave, should have gave them money for a week’s worth of food, in my opinion. And I get it, the influx of non citizen citizens can be frustrating and you wanted to show that aspect of the argument and if Mohammed won’t come to the mountain (to see for himself), then… you get the rest. But there should be a better way then grandstanding with people that are already starving and just trying to escape a bad situation then making them perform in some political circus. There should be discussions, quiet, not in the media, across the aisle, diversified, nonpartisan discussions on how to fix the problem and this administration is, again in my opinion-you make up your own mind, trying to do that by redirecting job opportunities to our southern border instead of China. A great idea thought of by a Texan, Congressman Castro. I guess while you have us though, we might as well dance a mambo for you while you take pics. Hell, I would if it allowed to feed my family.

And as far as the Spanish treating indigenous people like second class citizens, I wasn’t there, it could be. But as you can see, Latin countries are a mixture of Spanish and indigenous people, genetically, for centuries. Other countries made it illegal for their to be inter-racial marriages until well into the 20th century. What does the bible say, your complaining about the splinter in my eye… blah blah blah.