Another mass shooting at a school and everyone is up in arms about…hmmm.. arms. I don’t know what to think here. I don’t think that the kid was a happy kid, turned 18… bought a gun and that polymer blend turned him into a mass killer as soon it touched his skin. I’ll let the scientists confirm that theory. In a world where technology has surpassed our ability to reason or make sane decisions, I think that technology is more to blame then a piece of metal.

In a country where insta is the sought after remedy, insta-famous, insta-rich, insta-strong (steroids), insta-popular, insta-sex appeal (phones), the building blocks of hard work and work ethic is quickly diminishing, quickly eroding the fabric of a civil society. People want everything and they want it delivered the next day by Amazon. There is no sex appeal in working for what you want anymore, its only sexy if you can get it quickly. It used to be that family and education were the important things, now, with the progression of technology, family and education are no where to be seen, only the next tik tok challenge is important. Or being the next big influencer. What people don’t get is that even those people had to work hard to get where they are and depended on family. Family, education and hard work are no longer a priority and the government doesn’t help because they no longer feel like protecting those family values and in some instances they are the ones that defile those ideologies with their high tech solutions to having to be liked. Their lack of self control bleeds over to society, who sees them as how to achieve things, right. All these TV shows that portray government officials as these moral and respectful people, only to be let down, sometimes, by the real version. (not all of them, there are still some that are admirable)

I’m not saying that gun control isn’t right, I don’t know why you need a fully automatic weapon, they don’t even go fully auto in war, we’re taught short bursts. but maybe a return to praising work ethic and keeping families together. This country leads industrialized world countries in divorces, incarcerations and mass shootings. That can’t be a coincidence. Maybe keeping families together should be more important than who tweets what.

There’s the government conspiracy portion of this story, MKUltra and what Justice Thurgood Marshall called mind control techniques and technology coupled with pseudo psycho doodads and thingamajigs not to forget the mumbo jumbo and hooohaaas watchamacallits, but I won’t get into it. It will just make my head hurt. I’ll wait to comment on that when they run out of lithium and the electrical grid goes offline.