So proud of how this administration has handled the Ukraine situation. They have stepped up and, short of going knuckles up themselves, have supported and dared a bully to take them on while levying some strong sanctions and supporting Ukraine with military aid. All the while working with the European Union and not trying to overshadow them. I think it was handled really well to date and hopefully it has the intended results it is trying to achieve. At least I can be in awe of how this country can step up when it needs to.

I always said that a common foe was needed to bring (almost) everyone together, I always thought it was going to be an attack from Mars, well, who knows, maybe Putin is a martian. Still have those detractors though. LOL, I have a feeling they would be on the martians’ side if Mars did attack.

This whole thing is crazy, it should be a perfect time to come together as a nation and find common ground, so imagine my dismay when the one party that is staunchly anti-communism, staunchly anti-socialism, since the days of “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall” Ronald Reagan, starts to take the side of the “President” of Russia and tries to make him some kind of folklore hero that is carrying out some kind of justice, to be fair though, it’s only a select few and not the majority. This is how far the division in our politics has sunk. I have said it before, that these political opponents, with their cancel culture of each other and their ever expanding hatred of each other, will ruin this country over petty shit that can be resolved over a few beers. No one should take the side of a bully over attacking a smaller country that is attacked because they are simply weaker or smaller. This a bad omen. Hopefully we can snap out of it. I am glad to see that some people like Romney and Cheney are trying to help the party keep focus. The old adage of the enemy of my enemy comes to mind, who knew that some people would pick Russia over their own citizens as the lesser enemy. BTW, the guy that said that was taken out by the enemy he supported. A little history reminder.