In one of my blarticles, I wrote that I didn’t think that Rittenhouse should have been charged with murder. The jury came back and found him not guilty. I think that is the right decision. I understand the feelings of half the population that felt otherwise, I mean two people are dead and one was injured. How is it that no one is responsible. Sometimes, the people responsible are the people that were injured. I know that might seem callous but it is the unfortunate truth. I try and put myself in Rittenhouse’s shoes and thought what would I have done if people started to chase me and wanted to take my gun, what would I do? Especially if I couldn’t outrun them. Defend myself seems the most likely scenario. The truth is I would never be in that situation because I would never go to a riot with a gun but that isn’t illegal in Kenosha. The outrage should be at the circumstances. How is it that a person that can not legally buy cigarettes, can’t legally buy alcohol, and in some states can’t legally drive by himself, can open carry a weapon? The government has deemed that people of his age at the time of the incident aren’t mature enough to make those decisions but they think they are mature enough to carry a weapon that can end someone’s life. Rittenhouse was and maybe still is, undoubtedly, immature and little bit of a dumb dumb but the law that allowed him to carry a weapon wasn’t his fault. It’s the fault of older people who should have known better. Right now is the perfect time to have perspective and attack silly laws like that one. It isn’t the time to pile on an immature dumb kid that saw to many war movies. Use what your given not what you don’t have. Use the circumstances of how this could have happened in the first place, not a verdict that was fair, even though sad. I know some might disagree, but piling on this kid is just going to turn off what leverage you might have. Be smart so this doesn’t happen again. Pass laws that would stop this from happening again and use this case as the reason or example why.

So funny, not the incident, but the fact that he can’t even vote or join the military without his parent’s permission, but somehow the laws in Wisconsin allow him to open carry. Crazy.