I don’t get why these car batteries have to be recharged. Why can’t they just put a bunch of Duracell batteries in them. The package says the batteries last 10 years before you have to change them. So why don’t they just make a car battery that lasts 30K miles that has to be replaced instead of a battery that has to be recharged every 300+ miles. That’s the future of battery power. I’m sure you can recharge the used battery once it is removed in a way that doesn’t cause dendrites. That’s right, I know what dendrites are. I had one, used preparation H to get rid of it.

Or, build one that lasts 5 to 10K miles that requires a slow safe recharge and build car shops around the country so when you go in for an oil and fluid replacements and tire rotations, you also get a battery recharge. That business would be a huge money maker.

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