There a lot of things right with this country but there are some things wrong. The biggest problem, as I see it, is there is no entrance exam to hold public office. I mean you have to take entrance exams for college, you have to take entrance exams to go into the military (ASVAB), there’s even entrance exams for some kindergarten schools… but there is no entrance exam to make decisions on the fate of the economy or what we should do if there are incursions in other countries or whatever rates high priority emergencies.

Elections are popularity contests and lets be honest here, we all like the dumbass that falls down drunk, pisses on him/herself and sharts and lets everyone know that he/she did. We like them because, who hasn’t sharted, right? And they have the grace to pull of a shart so lets vote them in. Well, I would rather vote in the person who has the brains to say I have never sharted. Our adversaries, the Chinas and the Russias don’t mind us voting in dumbasses because they are easily manipulated. They can have their egos stroked and they become lap dogs for our adversaries. They don’t have the wherewithal to know the difference between behavior that is harmful to the country from normal behavior.

So, why don’t we have a minimal educational standard for people that are going to run or ruin this country? Why is it that people that adhere to conspiracy theories are allowed to walk the hallow halls of the Congress, or is it hollow halls now that they were looted, btw, I didn’t hear anyone say if you loot we shoot when that happened, all I heard is we love you. That’s for a different day though. Our elected officials should not be the pandemic spreaders of conspiracies but the vaccine to such ridiculousness. And if they do mention such conspiracies, being that they are lawmakers, they should be held to a higher standard and be forced to produce evidentiary material to back their craziness up or be forced to relinquish their position. People are crazy because some of our lawmakers are crazy… and because they forget to put on the aluminum foil hats… hahahaha… damn aliens or is it non resident earth beings now, who the fuck knows. Well, I know one thing, I’m not smart enough to be a lawmaker but I’m plenty smarter than any dumbass that wears a gun to Congress or impeaches a President on the first day because the other guy lost and yes, I had a few and I did just shart… Therefore disqualifying myself and thank god, from every holding public office. I bid you adieu, I have to take a shower.

(Disclaimer: This story is not meant to represent any person in particular. Any similarities to real life situations are completely coincidental and unintentional)

This is a 5 terrorist 5 Kilos excerpt