The last Narc

It’s an incredibly gripping true story of what happened to DEA agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena. Amazon outdid itself in the four part docu-series that shows that while the rest of the world sees America as a beacon of truth and good that “only in America is America not America”. The wall isn’t stopping the boogeyman, it’s protecting him. The good part is that the only way to change is to be open and transparent and America is at least is trying to do that through these docu-series that reveal exactly what happens.

(I hope I don’t get labeled a dissident because I truly believe what America stands for, it just hasn’t been realized yet)

I would also like to add, being of Hispanic descent, I admire Enrique and Hector’s efforts on the war on drugs, it’s good to have people that are relatable to you as positive role models. That would go for all races and ethnicities. I know that they are not perfect people but unless you are Jesus reincarnate, who is.

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