I was in Scotland for work. While there, two of us went out for dinner. We ordered the surf and turf. The waiter brought over our meal with a small bowl of liquid yellow stuff. We started to eat and dip the lobster into this yellow stuff and it immediately started to burn my throat a little. We looked at each other and we kept going. The waiter came over and asked if we needed anything and I told him that this butter tastes a little funny. He says that’s because it’s not butter, it’s liquid soap to clean your hands when you grab the lobster. Me and my friend look at each other and the waiter just looked at us like we were stupid and said did you not know that. One of us asked have you ever been to the United States. He said yes. Okay, that thing you were cleaning your hands with, that was butter. The waiter then asked do you want me to bring butter and I said no, but can you show me your finest bottle of windex to go with the meal.. We didn’t order anything else after that. I think we got labeled the snotty Americans because when we walked out, the bartender gave us the peace symbol backwards. True story.