Jesus cartoon

I noticed in my history that I had a lot of likes under blog post “Jesus was a Socialist”. I still agree with what I wrote and want to add that there was another man in biblical times that represents something like what is going on today. Moses led the chosen people out of Egypt into the homeland. On his way, he ran into an obstacle, not unlike a wall, the Red Sea, alright not exactly a wall either. He parted the Red Sea and his people got through and when the Egyptians tried to follow, the sea swallowed them up. Now I’m going to point to the “The Wall” on the southern border and how a big gust of wind took it down. I foresee a big hurricane decimating that wall and little Mexican guy on the other side with a red poncho and his goat herding staff with his hands in the air, saying “Hijole, vistes lo que paso”. Now, wouldn’t that be a sight.

I’m not saying let everyone in, but when you are the greatest country on Earth, it’s your responsibility to live up to that nom de plum and help the less fortunate. You call yourself Christian and you act more like heathens and pagans worshiping a wall.