Alright, maybe aliens do exist and they are super tiny and have ships shaped like a bee. Don’t know what kind of wall is going to keep these tiny bee shaped people out. Do the current visa restrictions apply to them and are they the cause of the corona virus? We need to start building tiny detention centers and beehive impounds before it’s too late. Maybe they got passed our satellite detection systems because they are so tiny. We need to start looking for super tiny high tech cities, they may have already invaded and are planning to take over. And have we already accidentally stepped on them. These are questions that deserve answers. In all seriousness, freaking spooky and awesome at the same time. It could be where evolution is taking us, to super tiny. Or, if they are 40 feet long and they were not picked up by our satellites, then someone has some really cool spy planes and someone is definitely loosing the arms race. I mean, c’mon, not even Santa can escape NORAD and he has multiple diesel reindeer powered sled that takes him around the world in one night and these things escaped all tracking, radar, satellite systems? It’s one hell of a spy plane…… or bullshit…..