DACA is back in the news and for a good reason. The dreamers got a reprieve from the Supreme court and if their case goes back to court, it won’t be until 2021 before it would reach the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court decided to not allow to rescind the DACA program due to administrative reasons, filed incorrectly, which I think Elaine Duke might or might not have done somewhat intentionally. I know she received a lot of angst by the people that support the dreamers and now by the people that oppose it but I don’t think she deserves it. I always thought there was an easy fix for these dreamers, a sort of go around that would allow them to stay in the country. The U.S. gives away a certain number of visas every year to foreign residents for legal entry into the U.S.. Nothing states that those people, the ones that receive these visas for legal entry and residence, have to be outside the U.S. when they receive it. These dreamers are proven good citizens, hard working and intelligent, and to no fault of their own, already inside the country. There is nothing that says they can’t be the recipients of these legal entry passes that gives them the right to live in the country. I believe this would solve the problem on both sides of the political aisle and allow everyone to be happy. There are very few opportunities to grant entry to people that show that they could not only live in this country without being on public assistance but also speak the language fluently, are professionals and have a good work ethic that would only improve the country. I don’t know if this a legal or workable solution but I do know that uprooting people that only know one country and sending them to a foreign country where they have never lived and forcing them to sell all their belongings and leave their jobs is absolutely not nice.