I understand the frustration, believe me I do, but by giving away the upper hand by looting and destroying your neighborhood isn’t the solution. When those initial emotional frustrations wane off, you’re left with a destroyed neighborhood that might have businesses that might reopen or decide not to, creating a big economical problem for your town and your family, creating a cycle of poverty and even worse conditions for yourself. Some of those businesses might even be minority owned or mom and pop shops that might never reopen. This would bring less revenue in the form of taxes for your school and betterment. I say you skip the looting and destruction and if you feel that the law or society is not giving you what you pay for in your taxes, then, as a group, stop paying them, taxes. Lets see how fast they fix the system then. Pretty damn quickly. You have to protest smart not loudly and violently. The looting just hurt you even more, but if you protest smart, pay or in this case don’t pay for services not rendered, then you will get more of a resolution and change. In my opinion.