SHARED NEWS: Big-Name Hotels Go Empty and Smaller Owners Are Hurt by The New York Times


“More than 90 percent of the hotels in the U.S. are franchised, and these owners say their business has been devastated by the coronavirus pandemic.”

A 2 trillion stimulus package was just passed and now states nationwide are erecting temporary hospitals while the already built structures are empty. The cost of making a temporary structure and then tearing it down when you can use existing structures and stimulate the hospitality industry all in one shot is staring you right in the face. While maybe I don’t understand the logistics of retrofitting a hotel into temporary hospitals like they did in WWII, it may be more costly, it seems that these hotel owners and the economy would benefit from using them. Wartime powers should allow these hotels to be used as hospitals and pay the hotel owners money to cover their losses while the pandemic is still going on. It’s a win win situation. Maybe the hotel owners don’t want their hotels infected but I’m sure it won’t be a problem after disinfection procedures. Or you can use the hotels for non-infectious diseases and put all patients with the infectious diseases at hospitals.