garcia linares

Great night of fighting on DAZN as Jorge Linares dispatched of his opponent Morales, a durable fighter that has never been KO’ed until now, with a short right hand, the signature punch of Linares. Linares did not come away unscathed as he suffered some cuts.

Ryan Garcia, the anglo first name and Hispanic surname phenom of the Golden Boy stables, was poised and showed why, even though he doesn’t hold a major belt……yet… he is a force to be reckoned with. At 21 and to have that kind of timing and power in his left hook is pretty amazing. Timing comes with confidence and you can see that Ryan has that in abundance. Garcia dispatched his opponent in devastating fashion, a very appropriate phrase, given that Fonseca seemed to be unconscious prior to hitting the canvas.

The next fight for these talented fighters is against each other. While the advantage is seemingly for Garcia, Linares is fighting for relevance so he will definitely come with everything. I saw Devin Haney in the ring requesting to be next. Mr. Haney, who throws his power right by reaching behind his right ear, is a perfect candidate for Garcia. His wins over Garcia in the amateurs don’t translate to the pros where the gloves are way lighter and you aren’t wearing head gear. Haney’s flaws are perfect for Garcia to exploit. I say to him, Mr. Haney, watch what you ask for, you might just get it.