DEMO DEBATE 02/07/2020

demo debate 02 07 2020

This was a really good debate. The candidates were animated but controlled. There is no easy path forward for these candidates but they certainly made a good case for themselves. If I had to describe the candidates with one word it would be:

Yang – Innovative

Buttigieg – Pragmatic

Sanders – Revolutionary

Biden – Stalwart

Warren – Energetic

Klobuchar – Tenacious

Steyer – Virtuous

It will be up to the voter to decide which one is a leader. A leader, to me, is not the person that has all the answers, I expect that they will have some, but the person that recognizes the right answer when it is presented to them and just as important, can recognize the wrong answer and be able to change course when necessary.

They were pretty emphatic in pointing out that judgement was the key, I believe that to be right. In any occupation where decision making is the priority, judgment, good judgement, is the key.

I also believe that any problem can be fixed through education. You fix our educational system, pay teachers a higher wage and, at the same time, hold them to higher standard, you can fix everything from racism to poverty. The reason why inner cities face such high rates of discrimination in the justice system is because the education system in these areas are overwhelmed. If my old stomping grounds, as they say, Paterson, NJ, had schools that were rated a 10 instead of a 1 in some cases, you would see an influx of wealth in that city because people want to migrate to where they can offer their child a better education. You fix the school system in inner cities you fix a majority of the social ills. That means more teachers, better paid teachers, more student teachers, better curriculum, more diversity, less worrying about my Hispanic child being left behind and passing him out of pity and more holding him to a standard that would allow him to thrive in the real world both educationally and morally. Teach a philosophy, not necessarily a religion, that’s up to the parents, but a philosophy that demonstrates that hard work and making the right decisions and doing the right thing is what makes us good people. I personally am a fan of Immanuel Kant, but there are many modern philosophers that can lead you down the path of wisdom. You are never too young, or old  for that matter, to learn to  do the right thing and make the right decisions.

It has always been my belief that you put the best two candidates forward from each party and the country can only benefit us a whole. I see 7 good candidates on this stage, I have my opinion, and I think it was demonstrated, as to who is the candidate who can bring us all together. That candidate might or might not have been on the stage, that’s my personal decision and that’s the way I’ll vote.

An example of some past leaders that represented the values and leadership skills that I held to be dear to me are Eisenhower, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Obama. They all had something in common, they united the country.