I have my reasons and I’ll explain some….

If I were to tell you that two people got into a fight outside a bar, what is your first thought, two dudes got into a fight. That’s the way it is. No offense to my brethren but we had it so good for so long and women had to struggle for everything for such a long time that evolution has made them the savvier, smarter ones. We lock ourselves out of our house, guys try kicking down the door, women call a locksmith. We get lost, dudes say I’ll find it, women use google maps (they ask for help). We can’t open a pickle jar, guys hanker down and use all there might even if it means we don’t eat because there is no fucking way this pickle jar is going to withstand my awesomeness until we decide its defective and throw it away and go buy another, women use a butter knife to break the vacuum seal and open the jar. This is the evolutionary process. Men haven’t really evoluted (not sure that’s a word but I’m a dude so we’ll make it one now) because we have been the dominant ones for so long, women have adapted and overcome their hindrances which were mostly dudes not opening pickle jars (a metaphor) to become the better adapted beings. For these silly reasons, which are actually real reasons when put into perspective, I’m voting for a female in the Demo primaries and then decide later who to vote for in the general election. Of the two women, Klobuchar is the one that can win it all and make the best President, But, I have said this before, my ESP without the N was right then, I believe it to be right now. The reason for me is that Klobuchar is hard to rattle and the election are going to be all out verbal kung fu and I think Warren can be put on her heels and made to go on the defensive, while Klobuchar could definitely deliver.