hispanic church

After being negotiated into going to church, we attended mass in Spanish. The mass lasted a week, she says it was only an hour and a half but I felt like that as soon as I walked out I was walking back in again. On the way out the priest stopped me and asked me in Spanish if I enjoyed the sermon, I told him “si, era muy emocionante”. He asked me which part did I like the most about the sermon. I tried to think and I just looked at my Colombian girlfriend and asked her in English with a whisper, what was the sermon about? She said “dile que parte te gusto de el sermon?” I looked at the priest, starting to sweat and said “el parte de dios, no tanto de el demonio” He smiled at me and said, in English “good answer”. As we walked away I asked my Colombian girlfriend why was I the only one he asked that question to, she said because you were the only one snoring.

Another true story from my life. #ATS