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Another reason why the Supreme Court should pick their own nominees for the position of judges. In a recent article, the writer who is reporting on a case currently in the Appellate court, makes mention of who appointed the judges deciding the case. While this has no bearing on their decision, the mention of it, which is totally appropriate, gives the allusion of partisanship. Read the part of the article below and tell me if it didn’t stick in your mind


“Griffith, a Republican appointee, and Judge Judith Rogers, a Democratic appointee, questioned the administration’s arguments that the House panel has no legal standing to enforce its subpoena and that there is broad presidential immunity that applies to efforts to seek testimony from close advisers.

The other judge, Republican appointee Karen Henderson, said little.” Reported by Reuters

If that article had read that the judges were appointed by the Supreme Court, then it would make you feel different about any partisanship. Optics matter, even if they aren’t true. I think it’s time to find a reasonable solution that allows the Supreme Court or a cabinet appointed by them, to select who will be on the judiciary.