garcia v loma

If I had the money and was a promoter, the one fight I would make happen is Mikey Garcia vs. Vasyl Lomanchenko. This is the biggest fight boxing can make today. Pure boxing fans see this fight as the match up of the decade but for right now it doesn’t look like it will materialize. Garcia is a pure boxer, who at 135 pounds should be ranked number 1 but do to boxing politics would be ranked under Loma. Loma is a special talent that comes once in a decade, he is the type of fighter that future fighters will try and emulate. This fight has the makings or maybe compares itself to another fight that happened years ago when a fighter with a special talent fought a pure boxer, Hamed vs. Barrera. Hamed was running through his opposition like a hot knife through butter. Barrera was the proud Hispanic fighter that wanted to cement his legacy. Everyone turned in to watch that fight and it was one of the most entertaining fights of the decade.

While I compare the two fighters to two different fighters of a different era, they are not alike in personality. Mikey is a laid back congenial person outside the ring that represents himself well. Loma is not the brash, cocky fighter, like Hamed, that feels that he needs to promote himself, his promotion comes from his quality wins. Loma is more of a business man that realizes that he started his professional career later than most of his opponents and only looks for challenges that make sense. The fact still remains though, that this fight is a must see, will bring in the numbers, will definitely give one of them a guaranteed spot in the BHOF and put him at the numero uno spot in the pound for pound list.

For right now we wait and see if Arum and Hearn can work together to make it happen. Mikey is at 147 getting ready for Vargas, a sure to be entertaining and tough fight and Loma just dispatched Campbell in a closer than expected fight where we saw Loma rise to the challenge against the taller fighter late in the fight to secure a really good win. We’ll see if Santa will bring these fighters together in the upcoming year and give all boxing fans the best Christmas gift.