mayer v zamora

Last nights ESPN+ bouts were pretty good. One of my favorite fights of the night was Mayer vs. Zamora. These two ladies were good fighters, with pretty impressive skills. Mikaela Mayer, the taller fighter and former Olympian, used her size and range to knock down Alejandra Zamora in the first round. Zamora got up and continued and traded punches with Mayer. The two fighters showed an impressive grit and endurance and were fun to watch. In the end, Zamora’s cornerman stopped the fight prior to the sixth round. The corner, Zamora’s dad, reasoned that they had lost every round and that taking further punishment was unnecessary. I will say that Zamora was impressive but you can tell that she is two weight classes to high. Mayer, for her part, did exactly what she was supposed to do. She used a long rangy jab and let her hands go when in close. Mayer used that strong right hand to punch down on her opponent, giving her extra added power to her shot. Mayer, with her height and long jab, is going to be someone to be dealt with in that division. Zamora, if she drops down to 118 or 122, could actually make waves in those divisions. Zamora is too small for the 130 pound division. She had some really good skills and moved well and her timing was impressive but she will not be able to overcome the natural disadvantages at the higher weight. If she cuts down to 118, Zamora looks like she could reign at that weight.