UFO videos are footage of real ‘unidentified’ objects, US Navy acknowledges (FOX News)


Some news sites are reporting that the Pentagon has said that UFOs are real but that they are not necessarily from outer space. That the objects are going hypersonic speeds and aren’t leaving a contrail or any heat signatures, no combustible engine. You know what that means, it means that they are green. Aliens are green and use sources other than fossil fuels. They’re all about saving the environment. ET is a tree hugger. He is all in for greenpeace. It can’t be nuclear, no heat signature, the only thing that makes sense is some type of cold fusion that uses water and since we are 75% water, that may be why the aliens like our planet. If that’s true, (it really probably isn’t) they can be the ones melting our polar ice caps (that’s absolutely not true) to have more fuel because they are probably like us, they depleted their fuel source, water, and are looking at our planet (this is all bullshit, don’t want people thinking I’m crazy) before they invade, from Mexico, dressed like Hispanics. Thank God we have a wall to stop those super fast flying UFOs that defy the laws of physics or we may be in trouble.

I will say though, a space force, does  make a little more sense given this report, I just want Aquaman in charge of it (Again, I’m fucking with you, Wonder Woman makes way more sense, her jet is freaking invisible).

What it looks like is a bee stuck inside the plane’s tracking system  so when it goes two feet it looks like it’s traveling  hypersonic and two thousand feet. Stops and goes up. They think they have aliens and the bee is just thinking, how the fuck do I get out of here. Here’s another question, was the pilot flying a solo mission or did he/she have a wing man? Did their wing man also happen to capture a picture of this UFO?