Huffman is getting 2 weeks in jail for a college scandal. 2 weeks, can you believe that none sense. I don’t know what’s happening to this country. People are going to jail for 2 weeks. Huffman should appeal that decision, that’s ridiculous. Why are you putting this lady in jail at all. There have been other people that have done the same thing and the Justice Department didn’t even deem it worthy to investigate. Because she’s wealthy, they are going to put her in jail. That’s not a reason for someone to go to jail. You’re socioeconomic class is never a good reason to put someone in jail. She’s getting punished for being rich. I know that might sound funny but once you allow socioeconomic reasons to dictate jail sentences, the poor will never get a fair chance. If you can lock people up for being rich for doing something dumb that didn’t hurt anyone and that a middle class or poor person did before and didn’t get any charges filed, then they laid out a blueprint to do the same thing to poor people and letting rich people off. A great example is the big bank bail outs, they knew that their actions would do harm yet not one banker saw the inside of a prison, a poor person robs a bank, basically the same thing the rich person did by other means and they get 20 years. Huffman shouldn’t see a day in jail. Laws and punishment should be constant, they should not conflict based on personal issues. FREE Felicity Huffman. FREE Felicity Huffman. For some reason, I don’t think that will catch on.