DEMOCRATIC DEBATE 9/12/2019 Part 1

Demo Debate 9 12 19

The field has narrowed and the Demo contenders spoke yesterday to make their case to the American people as to why they should receive the people’s vote. The debate starts with opening statements, and here we go…………

Julian Castro – Bien Venidos from the Texas native and he makes his case to the youth, smart move, and brings a uniting tone.

Amy Klobuchar – Lol. It’s not only what she says, she’s naturally funny, it’s how she says it, with a smile, or like somebody is telling her a joke while she is speaking. People like that, people are naturally attracted to people that smile, it makes them feel safe and happy. Sen. Klobuchar just struck the “I’m the moderate here” chord. Not the President for half, President for all was a really good line. I really want to know what joke she is thinking about when she speaks.

Beto O’rourke – The congressman prompts the memories of the attacks on Hispanics in El Paso. The congressman puts the burden of that attack on the President, and people might feel that is a rightful criticism. The congressman seems focused and on point. His best opening statement to date.

Cory Booker – The Senator touts his record in serving the good people of New Jersey,Ā  despite popular belief there are some, a lot, Jersey Strong. A little hiccup but reassuring.

Andrew Yang – Yang points out that greed is still a deadly sin. Touts his Freedom dividend and puts it into action. Yang stands out as being different, trying a new approach. The freedom dividend might work but it didn’t have the impact that he wanted in his opening statement. Has to be careful on how he presents it so as not to give people the wrong idea. It did put the other candidates in a good mood though, judging by their reactions. People seem to be dismissing the young entrepreneur, I think he should take advantage of that. The underdog is always someone we tend to root for.

Pete Buttigieg – A natural speaker, points out what is wrong with todays politics. That politicians are more focused on themselves then what they are meant to do. Some see politics as their way up, while he seems to say that politicians are meant to bring the people up. He made a great point, whether he realizes it or not, one that disheartened me immensely. The mayor reminded us how we were united on 9/12 after the 9/11 attacks. I thought about that for a while and wondered why, why is it that we need to hate. We were united because of a common hate of the terrorists and we forgot why we hated each other. The problem being is the common factor of having to hate something or someone to unite people, even in politics, they seem to hate the current President, maybe hate is a harsh word, extremely dislike, while the current President seems to extremely dislike them, all of this to unite each other against someone or something so we can win. Is there any other way? Barrack Obama praised his opponent, The late great Sen. McCain, but made a point to say that he disagreed with him on certain topics and the Senator refused to let people call The President any derogatory names, calling the President a good person with different views. IĀ  miss that those days. We need to find a better way then the politics and lifestyle of hate. I know my vote only counts for one person and my views are my views alone, but I’ll vote for anyone that can make anything but hate a uniting force. We don’t have to love one another but we should respect each other. Poignant point.

Kamala Harris – Lol, just to quickly point out that I’m watching the debate on youtube and pausing after each of the candidates remarks, so what was said above was prior to the Senators remarks, that being said, holy crap huh, Funny remark about the President watching and then the Senator states that the politics of hate and fear as a weapon is what is dividing the country, The Divided States of America. Sen Harris, for whatever reason, is a commanding and powerful speaker. She has a presence, love her or extremely dislike her, she is a force. Love her shimmy. After she was done, that Fox News comment was hilarious, I could hardly remember what anyone else said. One word, Captivating, funny, intense. Ok, not one word, who would be able to.

Bernie Sanders – “Let me blunt”, LOL…hahahaha, is he any other way in these debates, ever. Bernie “Stating the obvious to the oblivious” Sanders, him saying let me blunt is like saying the sun is hot. Two things that don’t change, duh!. Say what you want about the Senator, he is consistent. The Senator isn’t interested in personal attacks, he is interested in being a President for the people, a President for, not of, the United States. The Senator makes his points on taking on the wealthy, the healthcare crisis and climate change. Now let me blunt… Sen. Sanders should have been the Demo nominee in 2016, he would have been President, maybe, likely, in my opinion. The DNC did him and the American people a tremendous disservice when they outwardly favored Sec. Clinton. I support our current President like I support all Presidents because we want them to succeed, if not for him, then for us, because we are all tied together by his decisions. That being said, the DNC back then overtly played favorites and Karma bit them on the ass. My feelings are that Sanders is a great American, would be a great President but most importantly is a great human being. My neighbor keeps whispering that he doesn’t like him, trying to convince me, he leans in another direction.

Elizabeth Warren – Starts with a little family history. Like Bernie, Sen. Warren puts the personal attacks to the side to tell you that a living wage and a good affordable education is what she had and what we should still have. That her goal is to bring that back.

Joe Biden – His best opening remarks to date. He made “refuse to postpone” his catch phrase and it worked. He went straight to it, healthcare, education and climate change. The Vice -President reminded us that this is the country that gets things done, no more postponing.


Biden – Affordable care act is the right move. Makes the point that his plan is economically viable and wouldn’t break the bank, in this case, the federal budget. Biden welcomes an exchange on the merits of the program and fiscal challenges that proceed it. Biden shows he is open to new ideas if you can make them work but you have to show it works, fiscally. — Biden responds to Warren and Sanders by saying that their proposal is costlier, hmmm, more costly? huh, basically gonna cost you more.

Warren – Praised former President Obama. Then stated that in the medicare for all system, the costs for the wealthiest are going to go up and for the giant corporations but for middle income families and below, costs will go down. Stephanopoulos asked to clarify and she basically said what didn’t you get, costs go up for the wealthy, down for the middle class and below. — Responds to Biden by saying no it isn’t (costlier)— Responds to Klobuchar saying that no one will lose coverage.

Sanders – Lol, why do you challenge this guy? Sanders responded to Biden’s assertion that healthcare costs would be more with medicare for all, Sanders said that costs will be about 30 trillion dollars, right now, status quo, it will be 50 trillion dollars. “I wrote the damn bill”… lol, what… Bernie being blunt, Bernie “stating the obvious to the oblivious” Sanders went on to say that the coverage will cover all out of pocket expenses. Lol, went on to blast the advertising machine of the healthcare insurance companies because they are going to try to say that medicare for all is more expensive then when private insurance makes a profit. lol, don’t know how they can justify that one. — Responds to Biden by saying you got your adjectives confused, the word you were looking for is cheaper, as in cheaper health care costs. Education makes a difference. — Responds to Buttigieg by saying that if you lose your job you lose your health insurance, not with my bill, the only thing you lose is a lousy boss.

Klobuchar – Starts out by giving credit to Sanders for lowering costs when they worked together to allow pharmaceuticals from Canada to be used. Klobuchar goes on to say that medicare for all is a bad idea. She prefers the Affordable care act where non-profit health insurances would be allowed as a public option. non-profit being the key there. Doesn’t state if it would be cheaper or if it would be… costlier. I like her confidence.

Buttigieg – The bill that Sanders wrote doesn’t promote trust in the american people, Medicare for all and then let the people decide if they want it, if it’s better they will choose it.

Harris – Gives credit to Obama and Sanders for their hard work, mentions that 30 million people are uninsured, believes in the public option. Lays into theĀ President for trying to obliterate President Obama’s signature health care plan, the Affordable health care act, sees the problem as, not as the proposals by her follow Dems, but that there may not be health care insurance in the future if they get rid of protections that are afforded by the Affordable Care Act such as pre-existing problems and letting people that go to college be covered on their parents plan. *Personal view – I was originally against the ACA, but I was wrong, I didn’t quite understand it so I gave an uninformed opinion on something that I shouldn’t have to my family, they were right. I don’t believe in getting rid of something until you have something proven to be better. You don’t destroy a new house, you build on it to make it better. Don’t destroy the ACA, make it better. Medicare for all isn’t destroying the ACA, to me, it might be the next logical step to making it better.

A free for all ensues and Sanders and Biden go after each other. Figuratively like watching a heavyweight fight by the top two contenders. There is one thing that is for sure, President Obama is held in high regard. I give the round to Sanders, I agree with Biden that something must be done now, but the right thing must be done now, even if it means me suffering to make sure my kid doesn’t have to.

O’Rourke – Appreciates his colleagues ambition and drive on this issue. States that he knows that his fellow Dems want whats best for the American people but that his plan is simple, don’t have coverage or or you are undercovered, you will be in medicare for all, if you are adequately covered and like you insurance, keep it. Basically build on the the house to make it better.

*Personal view – It’s how you want to view healthcare, some people view it like buying a car, get what you can afford as long it comes with the basics, some people view it like the military, equal protection for everyone. Personally, I like it like the military, everyone gets everything, same protection across the board, from the wealthiest to the poorest. If Buffet (picked a rich person at random, no significance) can get it, so should the gulf war vet that sits in the wheelchair with the cardboard sign on the sidewalk asking for donations.

Castro – Commends Sanders and Obama on their hard work. Believes in the public option if you choose it. Goes after Biden on leaving people uncovered. 10 million people would be left uncovered under Biden’s plan. Tells the story of a grandmother with type 2 diabetes and how it affected her. Believes in the automatic enrollment not the opt in option. Goes after Biden for not remembering what he said two minutes ago, first haymaker landed and it was a doozy. WHAAAT! Castro takes heat for going after the top contender. Respectfully, Joe interfered instead of waiting to respond and Castro was a little heavy handed, a little departure from the norm from a candidate that has stayed above the fray. But if Joe did say it, then Castro was correct for pointing it out, maybe next time without the knee to the groin because I can tell that it hurt Joe.

Yang – Came at it from a business point of view. Says that companies find ways around paying health insurance by labeling you other than full time employee. Yang says that we have to alleviate the burden of healthcare costs on the American people so they can thrive.

Booker – Booker ends the discussion in resounding fashion. Believes in Medicare for all but believes that the bickering amongst themselves will not help. Feels that everyone is earnest in their beliefs to help the American people but to do so, they must find the common path, the common ground to help the common man (and woman). “You cannot sacrifice progress at the altar of purity”, man, deep, hmmm, wish I knew what it meant. I get it, can’t afford to be to righteous when your house is burning down, you need to put the fire out, than you can let your sermon flow. The need, in his opinion, is to beat the current President and make sure that healthcare coverage doesn’t become a profit machine. That degrading and demonizing each other will only hurt the Dems. I agree, but Castro has a point that it is how the electoral process works, but we should definitely keep it respectful of one another. We can disagree, we can agree to disagree, we can even call bullshit if warranted (ever play that game, seriously, I would love someone to say bullshit when bullshit is said) but we shouldn’t let it get personal, we shouldn’t crack yo mama jokes or say, you know, any dementia jokes, lol, harsh. Booker didn’t get a huge ovation but he made a great point, again, in resounding fashion.


O’Rourke – The greatness of this nation was built on the back of slaves, since Aug. 20th 1619, from the first kidnapped slave. Racism is endemic, it is foundational. There is a highly disproportionate amount of wealth favoring white Americans and in our educational and healthcare system where minorities are disciplined more and suffer from lack of proper care.

Castro – Starts by commending O’Rourke for his passion and for his compassion for his hometown of El Paso after the targeting of Hispanic Americans by a shooter that was, unfortunately, under the delusion that Hispanic Americans were somehow invading our country, the conquistadors are back. Castro warns that white supremacy is a growing danger. Castro put a police reform program to target police abuse that targets people of color that are unfairly treated by the police.

Booker – States that our current President is a racist. That systemic racism is eroding our country from healthcare to our justice system. The question is who is willing to do something about racism. Booker proposes making an office that solely deals with the issue of racism. Booker contends that we don’t have to invoke slavery to show injustice, that it is alive and well today.

Buttigieg – Systemic racism pre-dates the current administration and you need a systemic approach to dismantle it. Harms compound like a dollar saved compounds, so does a dollar stolen. The generational theft of the descendants of slaves is part of why the system that makes up this country makes this country look divided. Buttigieg feels that a Douglas plan here in the U.S. would even the circumstances for everyone and eliminate the complex systemic hatred for one another.

*LOL, what is going on here. Look, racism is taught, not in schools (hopefully), but at home. People are not born racist, they are taught to be one. Racism is something that is passed on from one generation to another. To beat racism, you have to teach unity in schools and hope that what the child learns in a school overrides the harm that their parent or parents taught them. Sometimes it feels like certain factions believe in keeping a country divided because it makes it better and easier for them to control people because, can you imagine if a country was united, what we could get done, how we could all prosper and the government would be a lesser need because we would prop each other up instead of tearing each other down. The tough conversation is that racism is not only a white person disease even though it does seem that they might suffer from it more.


Harris – I appreciate the question and there have been many distortions of my record and let me clear them up. I became a prosecutor to try and keep people safe and to try and change the system from the inside. I created initiatives like getting jobs for people with drug arrests, requirements for body cams for state employees, training for racial diversity. I tried to take profit out of the law enforcement system and incarceration. Harris states “have I done enough, no, but I tried”.

Klobuchar – Klobuchar took exception at the inference that while she was a prosecutor, she was biased for the police. Klobuchar stated that was not her record. That she diversified her office, she solved cold case crimes against minorities and that she fought for outside investigations and independent inquiries.

Biden – I had an offer with a big law firm but I chose to become a public defender. (Actually, that’s pretty amazing). I fought for equalization of communities by big business, with red lining. People should not be in jail for non violent crimes. (I agree but that is a departure from his last comment that illegal immigrants should be charged with a crime, or is it that just the border crossing, a non-violent crime, should be prosecuted, needs clarification, also, the worst crimes are white collar crimes, like when big banks kill the economy for their own profit and good people then go hungry while they enjoy golden parachutes. I just think he was talking about non violent drug crimes). Biden believes that people that are released should have their records expunged or not be used against you so you can start life again and make something of yourself. Good point.

Booker – The CJS (criminal justice system) is “savagely” broken. The system treats you differently if you are rich and guilty than if you are poor and innocent. (Lol, big banks). I passed a bi-partisan bill that reformed the CJS. Challenged his cohorts to not just say it, back it up with actions. Booker has been a leading voice, he is way outperforming his last debates and seems to be a rational voice in a sea of uncertainty. Really good showing.


Biden – Biden stated that he has got it done prior. He was the only one that beaten the NRA. He led a law, the Brady Bill, that changed gun laws. That he led the movement towards banning assault guns back then and people are now realizing what he has been championing for years. Commends Beto, lol, congressman O’Rourke, for how he handled the El Paso incident and how he went and met with the people. A roaring ovation for Biden and O’Rourke. Giving credit where credit is due. The candidates are commending each other a lot more and giving praise to their peers. It’s refreshing. —Responds to Harris and stating that you can’t use executive orders to take guns away, you have to go through congress.

Harris – To Biden, Harris states Change no we can’t to Yes We Can, an Obama slogan when Joe was Vice-President. Clever, Funny, the audience didn’t seem to pick up on it, I got it. Tells a story of autopsy photos, police officer funerals, mothers of homicide victims, and how mass shooters affect schools and the children. Commends Beto for comforting the people and standing by them. Harris states that Trump didn’t pull the trigger but has been tweeting out the ammunition. Fierce… WHAAATT!.

O’Rourke – Wow! moving. Hell yes,we are going to take your AR-15’s. Those guns are made for war and only war. They are not for hunting, they are for killing. We should do it the right way though, through a congressional act. I agree. I already know what the opponents are going to say, from my dead cold hands. That shouldn’t be our first choice, but if they are made illegal, it shouldn’t be ruled out. I support the second amendment but I believe that there should be common sense limits. AR-15’s and AK-47’s make no sense, have no practical use. It’s like wanting to own a bazooka, not the bubble gum, why, are you planning to hunt a T-Rex. Jurassic Park is just a movie folks. Godzilla isn’t real.

Klobuchar- What unites us is so much more than what divides us. Agrees with Beto and states that Mitch McConnell is who is holding common sense laws from being passed.

Booker – In my communtity, gun violence has been a problem for many years. Booker believes in universal background checks and gun licensing. The issue is a lack of empathy, people only act when it personally affects us, we shouldn’t have to wait. Why wait for a mass shootings, in Newark, NJ, there aren’t mass shootings until you look at the numbers at the end of the year. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. This is not a side issue, it is a central issue. We need a more courageous empathy. Booker was emphatic on this issue.

Warren – Congressional inaction by the politicians is what is killing Americans. We need to force them to act.

Sanders – Corrupt political system, lobbying, money is why we can’t get anything done. A short statement, a blunt short statement to the heart of the matter. Something so obvious but we seem oblivious to that truth. Everyone spoke about what they are going to do, Sanders told us why it can’t or isn’t getting done. “Politics is profitable” and like anything where money is involved, money ruins the equation of good people trying to complete a task. Money is the root of all evil, whatever tree grows from the root of money is sure to create harm. It’s a tree that sucks in oxygen and gives off carbon dioxide. I don’t know if you believe in God but I can guarantee you that there are no ATM machines in heaven. They’re all in hell and the devil has your pin number.


Biden – Don’t compare the previous administration to the current administration when it comes to immigration. States that the Obama administration didn’t separate families (we are going to need a fact check on that one, I know at least one, lol, say it ain’t so Joe) and didn’t put them in cages. Implemented the DACA program. Biden says he will change some other things. Asylum seekers will be heard and not turned away, battered women will be able to claim asylum. When pressed about the deportations were a mistake, he said the President did the best he could, when pressed for his decisions, Biden said I am (was) the Vice-President. (look, deportations are what happens when you are found out, no, he didn’t make a mistake, he followed the law but… you know…. you know) — Reponds to Castro’s criticism, I stand with Obama, Good, bad, indifferent.

Castro – Obama is very different from Trump. Went after Joe for taking/enjoying the credit for the good things and passing the buck on the tough questions. Castro says he isn’t scared of President Trump on immigration and that he would not give up DACA and that immigration reform will be passed in the first 100 days of the next President.

Warren – Wants a broader path to citizenship. Feels Castro’s Marshal plan for Central America is a great idea.

Yang – My father grew up on a peanut farm in Asia with no floor, now I’m running for President. That’s the immigration story that we must share with the American people. Yang states that immigrants are a magnet for success. Hard times builds strong minds. Yang is a perfect example. Great answer with a the added bonus of being the example.

Buttigieg – Anyone that supports President Trump’s current immigration rules is supporting racism. Community renewal visas, which I’m guessing allows communities to renew or petition to renew people’s visas? Buttigieg feels that small communities like immigrants as they make their town fuller and more prosperous.

*I have a personal issue with immigration. I feel like immigrants get exploited and get taken advantage of more than anyone else but they can’t report it because of the fear of deportation, so statistically, we don’t know. If they get assaulted, raped or robbed, they have no recourse. That’s why sanctuary cities and other programs sometimes don’t really solve the problem, they just make the immigrants more dependent on the program and the people that run it. I have no clue what the solution is or even if there is one. The President says that illegal citizens bring crime but the truth is that more crimes are done to them than anyone else, be it from paying lower unlivable wages for the same work, to coercion, to extortion. I know that they are illegal citizens but they are also human and they are sacrificing a lot more than their pride, some don’t see their families and children for years at a time so they can work and send money back so their families can survive.

O’Rourke – We need to have the same immigration policy with Mexico that we have with Canada. Immigrants are the backbone (some of them broken) of this country and we need to find a way to legalize the citizens, start with the DACA recipients. Beto’s, if you would allow me to address you by your first name, seems to have an earnest and sincere respect for immigration. I hope and pray you succeed on this issue.