After watching 4 debates, here’s my take on what the candidate is not saying and should.

Biden: Not that I think he should get the nod but sometimes you just want express your opinion:

Joe Biden keeps getting attacked on his past votes and actions (like he should). He should stop defending his votes and state the obvious. Then is not now. No one would have been able to have the conversation that we are having now without taking the baby steps of yesterday. That it is only possible to take the steps we are today because of the steps we fought for yesterday. You have to make inroads before you make super highways. If you had tried to take the ambitious steps you are taking today, back then, in that atmosphere, be it climate change, racial disparity, global trading… it wouldn’t have made it passed morning coffee. Everything you are trying to implement today is because of the baby steps of yesterday. No one is born and runs a marathon, you first have to crawl, then walk and then you can run.

I felt bad for giving him shit for his immigration policy views, they are wrong by the way, but I think his campaign manager isn’t setting the record straight the right way and for the record, I don’t think he is a nimrod.