DEMO DEBATE 07/30/2019

demo debate 7 30 2019

Opening Remarks

What I was looking for is a Vinny Bag of Donuts moment. For one person to reference the movie “My Cousin Vinny” and say “you remember the part where Vinny gets up and says … “everything these guys said is bullshit, thank you” and just let the next person go. I would vote for that person, it’s why they voted for Trump. By the time everyone was finished talking I couldn’t remember what the previous person said. I think that this formatting of allowing the candidates to speak at length in the beginning is “loco”, that’s Spanish for not functional. If I had to pick a person(s), Amy Klobuchar, because she is loud, even when she whispers and she said basically I don’t lose… in a rhyme and it stood out; and Bernie Sanders because he was the only one with inflection, you know, the opposite of monotone or at least he was the one with loudest inflection; Elizabeth Warren because she just did that direct attack towards the President; and Mayor Pete because he called Trump a cheat and that was a “did he just call Trump a cheat?” moment which makes me remember that he spoke even though I couldn’t tell you what else he said.

Health Insurance

Bernie doesn’t need a microphone, he is a microphone. I opened my window and heard him. What I heard from everyone is, to quote one of the candidates, “yadda, yadda, yadda”. If you can make a wall a national emergency, why can’t you make healthcare a national emergency? If people are dying like they say, wouldn’t that constitute a national emergency? If healthcare is causing economic distress, wouldn’t that be a good reason to declare a national emergency? I’m going to repeat my opinion, you have a NASA, make a MESS, Medicare for Everyone Stocked Solution, MESS. You might want to call it something else, the acronym might not work?? Even though it is definitely accurate right now. One private insurer, with no CEO, just managers. An independent agency that doesn’t answer to no one and can’t have their funds raided. The problem is that the monies are divided, therefore creating the problem we have. If everyone’s monies went into one independent agency, you could cover everything for everyone at a 100%  and maybe have something left over to buy a sandwich, maybe…. and at one easy rate dependent on your income and adding the corporation cost sharing the way they are doing it now. The problem with healthcare is that it’s split. you have too many companies that have a certain portion that are healthy and paying dues and certain portion that are sick and are paying dues and using their healthcare. If you pool all healthy people into one insurance company, with all people that require healthcare and get rid of the hundreds of millionaires that are in the healthcare business, you won’t have a system that can barely survive, you will have a system that will thrive. It’s all about pooling your resources into one non-profit system. Prove me wrong. It can be done, legally, but you need the grit, the resolution, the huevos… as us hispanics like to say. You have to have the mindset that this is as big as an existential crisis as climate change, that this, with a growing elderly society and diminishing younger society, isn’t an option but a must for our economic solvency… or we can just kill all the old people and keep the current system, but do one or the other. Maybe you can hypnotize people to do nursing home shootings instead of school shootings. This one goes to no one, just a bunch of bickering without a real solution, forced to pick someone, Sanders because my window was open.


Criminalizing illegal immigration, lol. I heard a story, when the English/Spanish came over to the U.S. (don’t think that was the name at the time), there were a couple of Native Americans watching them land. The first guy says to the second guy “What do you think, should we criminalize illegal immigration?” the second guy said “Nah, they’re probably just visiting.” Take that any way you want. If you’re for criminalizing border crossing, you probably thinking that’s exactly why we should criminalize, who wants crazy Europeans coming over here and if you’re on the other side, you should be thinking how can we criminalize something that we did. I’m not saying just let everyone in, but walking past an imaginary line should be treated like…well, someone crossing an imaginary line. You just ask them to go back or you take them back, civil solution, maybe you can carpool, good for the environment. If they break any other law then you enforce that law. You keep border security in place and let the pieces fall where they may. It over burdens our system to try and convict anyone that crosses a line that you can only see on google maps. “Amor, did we cross the line”… husband looking at phone “I don’t know, I lost my connection” This one, Buttigieg, civil unless there’s a criminal element.

Gun Violence

Difficult topic. I am a firm believer of the second amendment. I am not a believer of why the amendment was first enacted, to stand against an oppressive and dictatorial government, that is no longer a viable reason. I do believe that you should be able to defend your home against anyone that wishes to do you or your family harm, if you are a hunter or even if you wish to do it for fun, i.e. target shooting. That being said, why would anyone need a fully auto M-16 that carries 30 round magazines? To look cool? Are you shooting a flock of geese in less then 5 seconds? We all heard of Bell’s Curve. 20 percent want to ban all guns while 20 percent believe you should have SAM’s (surface to air missiles) placed on your roof along with your solar panels, no doubt to power the SAM’s. We need a person that is right in the middle of those extremes, in the middle of the sane 60 percent. Someone with common sense. Then, when we find a weapon that doesn’t meet the restrictions, you change the law and allow people to sue the manufacturer, the gun dealer and anyone that is involved in bringing that gun or transforming that gun in this country.

Bernie Sanders/ Demo’s too far to the left

The guy is funny, smart and tough. He is so relevant that he is a sole topic of the debate. Do you think Sen. Sanders is too extreme? He isn’t. If you want to move a heavy object ten feet, you have to prepare like you want to move it 20 feet. Have lofty goals and smart implementation. No one expects you to move those twenty feet in one day, we all know you have to go foot by foot. But if you prepare for twenty feet and you only get those ten feet, you still did something good. Plus, when you negotiate with Congress, you want them to think that you want the world while the whole while knowing that you would settle for what’s best for the country and nothing less. Ask for twenty feet, settle for ten feet, and when they offer 9 feet, tell them you want 21 feet until you get that last foot.

Green New Deal/Climate Change

A lofty goal. We should reflect on JFK at this time, who, when referring to landing on the moon, a lofty goal at the time;

 “But why, some say, the Moon (New Green Deal)? Why choose this as our goal? And they may well ask, why climb the highest mountain? Why, 35 years ago, fly the Atlantic? (may not be relevant anymore) Why does Rice play Texas? (Do they still play them?)

We choose to go to the Moon (New Green Deal)! We choose to go to the Moon (New Green Deal)…We choose to go to the Moon (New Green Deal) in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win”…..

Huh, reading it out loud, minus my childish comments, it works.

I think all the candidates were right and they were animated and inspired and you can tell that they believed in this. Some were more measured and set goals that can be achieved while in their presidency if they get elected while others set goals that far outreached any term of service they could provide but seemed that they would haunt the next president if they fail to continue their progress. I support any measure that eliminates harming our planet. A huge issue that could sink their opponents.

A shout out. Hey, AOC, you have started a revolution. Trouble maker, lol. Good for you.


Williamson tied infrastructure to racism. And it worked. Nice. (Better roads in the southern border so my family doesn’t have to walk through the dessert when, uhhh, “visiting”, that’s mine.)


O’Rourke… we’re great because of not despite of immigration.

Williamson made a solid argument for reparations. Well thought out. Well received.

Sanders provided a solution called the Thurgood Marshall Plan that would make sure that education, a good education, is provided to all, especially the distressed communities.


Congressman Ryan…. It’s China..They have a 100 year plan, a 50 year plan, a 30 year plan, a 20 year plan.. We live on a 24 news cycle. Holy Shit… If you don’t get elected you should definitely hold a cabinet post.

Sen. Warren… We have a Trade policy written by giant multi national corporations to help giant multi national corporations, they don’t have any loyalty to America, they are not patriots. Very Presidential.

O’Rourke… He is right, you need a united front with your allies to defeat China or at least to force them to give a fair paying wage to their people.

Sen Sanders… Sen. Warren is right and I support her, basically…. that’s new in these debates.

Student Loan

Had to use the bathroom, missed it, I’m sure it was a good one.

Foreign Policy (This is how I understood it)

LOLOL!!!! Question was how are you different from President Trump on foreign policy Sen. Sanders. -“Trump is a pathological liar, I tell the truth” He’s been the funniest candidate, mixing in that humor unwittingly and seemingly naturally while reaffirming his message of taking on big business strongly. We should not be the policeman of the world. I agree.

Dem Ryan – Don’t give dictators credibility and photo ops by meeting with them so they can just go and shoot of their missiles two weeks later. Cabinet post, if you don’t win.

Mayor Pete – No more endless wars. 3 year sunset on any foreign conflict that would have to be renewed by congress to continue. Radical idea that might work. We are all one, we are not a letter, R or D. How will history judge you, how will God judge you, maybe a jury should judge you.

Hickenlooper – You can’t just leave after you burn down their house. You have to rebuild that house or don’t destroy it in the first place. It’s a humanitarian issue. The women would be destroyed.

Sen Warren – You need a better exit strategies, before you enter.

Sen Klobuchar – We need the treaties, this is not a  race where the person that finishes first wins, If one person loses we all lose. We need to be a partnership in this world, not the sole survivor.

Ending Statement

Basically, in their opinion, Trump needs to be defeated. Makes sense, hopefully they’re not running in a two person race to come in second place.

I like Williamson, she is a long shot be she is telling how it is, how she think it is. They both might be the same, that’s for the voters to judge.

I think Klobuchar would make a really good President. She under performed a little but she gives me the feeling that she can do what she says she can do. She seems tough as nails.

Warren is ready made.

Mayor Pete seemed the most pragmatic. If he doesn’t win this one, he will definitely win the next one that he is in and I think we will be better for it. He should finish potty training before becomes President, get it, because he’s really young and inexperienced and still gets pimples on his forehead. I had to, Sanders is next.

Sanders is …. The father of this revolution. Maybe the American revolution, get it, because he’s old. A little ageism on my part but I think I’m voting for him, either him or whoever the Repub nominee is or whoever the Demo nominee is, but definitely one of the two. Plus, my son said that to me, that’s where I got it.

The ending statements should be kept and opening statements should be nixed.

Winner, Sanders, maybe? The democratic party, definitely.