Thought of The Day


It is my firm belief that xenophobia is rooted in that person’s lack of intellect, self-worth and envy.

That the only way you can feel better about yourself is to demean someone else because, secretly, you want to be them.

What sounds more probable;

  1. That someone would dislike another person because of the amount of melanin, lack of or abundance of, and/or because in their household they grew up speaking a latin based romance language (spanish) and/or have beliefs that God has a different name and/or the existence of a supreme being…… or,
  2. That someone lacks the rudimentary intelligence to understand those facts and they hate themselves but instead of directing their energy towards self-improvement they would rather hate someone that they see as different and better/happier then them and wished they could be them so they can stop hating themselves.

I personally think number 2 but that is a decision that you have to make for yourselves.

In layman’s terms or in other words, there’s a whole bunch of stupid.