women candidates

Politics is funny. Everyone says how things don’t change and things are stagnate and how it’s the same ol’ same ol’ BS (bullshit not bachelor of science) every time. Why haven’t the women candidates pointed out the obvious. It’s the same because you keep electing the same gender. Maybe it will change if you grew a pair and voted for someone that didn’t have……I don’t know what to say here……it’s obvious what should go here….I don’t want to disrespectful but I’ll go for it….. if you voted for someone that didn’t have a pair??? Man, I was trying to help out and came off sounding sexist, but it’s a little funny so I’ll leave it. Maybe the problem, if there is one, is that the office needs more pink and less blue. Huh, no one above is wearing pink and Warren is wearing blue. What I mean is the constant, like a good math equation, is always the difference maker. Change the constant and maybe you get the change you want. In this case only men have been President and everyone complains about how we are not getting the job done, both constants. So, maybe if you change it then maybe you get the difference you want. This is about an article I read that the women get asked if a woman can be President, maybe they should ask if a man should ever be President again. I mean of course they should, but because they’re right for the job not because they can pee standing up. I find stupid questions to be unfair but I also find that the responses aren’t assertive enough. This question is a slam dunk for the female candidates and should have taken the reins on it but they didn’t, why the hell not. It was a time to shine, a time to put that none sense to bed and give yourself a boost. Missed opportunities.