lucky in love

I have gotten some ridicule lately about the women I dated. People seem to judge on blips. The truth is that all the women that I dated for an extended period were all intelligent, all graduated from college, some with great adversity staring at them and trying to hold them back, they were all beautiful, to me and seemingly everyone else  judging by the way they were hit on constantly, even when I was right there asking the person if they could see me, and they were kind. While I admit that their looks, their external appearance, was the first thing I saw, the relationship wouldn’t have lasted more than a week if they couldn’t carry on an intelligent conversation. They were all hard working and caring. When people disparage a woman, it generally means that they didn’t cut the grade to be with someone as special as them so they like to call them names and belittle them. While I’m not with them any longer, I was very lucky to have known them. For those people (men) that disparaged these amazing women, be yourselves, that should be punishment enough, because obviously you’re a miserable prick with nothing better to do.