The tag line for this picture was that the scorecards proved that Canelo built an early lead, my tag line would have been “How the F**k could these scorecards be so different”.

The one thing that I got from these scorecards is that something is definitely off. There is something wrong here, when three capable judges disagree so much. They disagreed on 5 out of the 12 rounds. They disagreed on over 42% of the fight. How can you get a clear decision when that happens. That was a statement, not a question, ergo the absence of a question mark. That is a failing grade in any other event on this planet. The problem is not the judges, it’s the commission. They haven’t done enough to evolve to settle these problems. Boxing is the only sport that has not tried to figure out ways to improve these disparities. I can give a few right off the top of my head

  1. Put the judges at a better vantage point. They should be at the same level as the fighters or higher. When the fighters are at the corner further away from a particular judge, the nuance of slip and counter are harder to realize when you are looking up. They are lot easier to notice when you are viewing down. I know that this might obstruct some of the fans but that’s why you have the jumbotrons for the spectators. We prefer that anyway
  2. Make all decision fights, especially title bouts, provisional decisions until confirmation by the same three judges and three separate judges.. Meaning that that all decision fights would be reviewed by a panel afterwards to confirm. Can’t tell you how many times I watched a fight on TV, from a better vantage point then the judges, and wondered what the f**k (that stands for fuck) were these judges viewing. This gives a cushion to change a bad decision without having to do the silly appeal stuff and give the appearance of the sport being less fixed for the superstars, ahem, clearing my throat, the Byrd decision in the first GGG v Canelo fight is a great example why you should implement that rule, you can even call it the Byrd rule. Don’t mean to be to harsh on the lady but she got it wrong and most likely because of her vantage point.

These are just two thoughts off the top of my head. Whatever they come up with, I’m sure would be better than the current 57.5% grade that they got on this fight. One thing is for sure, they have to do something. First of all, the 7th and 10th rounds were definitely Jacobs rounds, not doubt about it. If you go by Moretti’s scorecard for the last two frames and you scored the 7th and 10th the right way, not doubters for Jacobs, then Jacobs is the victor. My scorecard is on an earlier post, but I had the advantage of replaying the fight and confirming the right call, which in my opinion was a draw. Come on boxing, even slow ass baseball has instant replay and a replay home office to review calls. You need to evolve with the times and figure out a better way to make the sport a little less controversial and a little more simpatico, what a funny word…. simpatico, anyway back to the point, fix it. Come on Nevada, you are suppose to be the superstars and megastars of boxing super bouts, because if New York does it before you, if they become boxing innovators before you, you will be in second place before you can say supercalifragislisticexpialadocious and that would be atrocious.