At 17…….

man and woman

When I was 17 (or 18)…. sounds like a song. The one thing I recollect at that age was that I was making out with a woman who was drunk while I was sober. I asked her if she was drunk, and she said yeah, and I told her that we couldn’t do anything more than kiss because she was drunk.  She got a little upset and we headed back to the living room. She fed me drinks, which I took gladly, and had some herself. The thing about having two people in the same state of mind is that it becomes consentual but when you have a person under the influence, of anything; alcohol, marijuana, any surreptitious device that they are not aware of that has mood enhancing capabilities; and you are completely sober, than you have to be the adult in the room because you have all the control. If you get off on controlling people, then your problems are much deeper than you know. That night we were both in the same frame of mind, which is important to me before I do anything. There was no force, just mutual attraction. She grabbed my hand and I followed. I wanted to when I was sober but I couldn’t. It didn’t feel right because she was drunk.

This situation would happen to me several times in my life, each ended with a no, not while your drunk.