scotus 1

I never understood why a Supreme Court Justice is selected the way they are. They are the head of a separate part of government but are effectively kept out of the selection process. I always thought that the nine Supreme Court Justices should be the ones to select a suitable member, those that they unanimously agree on, nominate those three to five names and then have the other parts of government confirm one. This would promote continuity, non-partisanship, and legitimacy within the highest court of the land. Plus, it’s nice to work where everyone agreed on you. It would also end partisan bickering as now it wouldn’t matter who heads the Executive branch, a Dem or a Repub. Plus the way it is done right now is unconstitutional. How can you have a separate branch of government when the Judicial branch is dependent on the other branches for employment? The way it should work is 1) Have the Judicial Branch select qualified people, 2) Have the Executive branch nominate one 3) Have the Legislative branch confirm them. This ensures a separate and fair government. That scenario would be acceptable as it still meets the Appointments Clause of the Constitution and maintains the separation of government. But what do I know, I still haven’t figured out my VCR, which my son says is a cable box. Damn things are tricky.

This is just an opinion piece. I could be wrong about the whole premise. This is just my opinion. Everyone should form their own.