Immigrant Caravan

As the immigrant caravan turtles its way up to the southern border, we are trying to find solutions on how to keep these people out. What we don’t ask, even though we know, is why would a mass of so many people just abandon their country and risk everything on the slim hope of maybe hitting the lottery, the chances are probably the same, of maybe getting a humanitarian visa. While my reaction or how I would handle this type of mass exodus would be different, the current administration is more security minded. I agree that protecting our citizens from any harmful events is the duty of our government, but in the age of global everything (warming, manufacturing, economics, security, affairs, markets, technology, internet) why does it seem that these central american countries are lost to us.? It would be easy just to put the blame on the United States but isn’t there other organizations that can also supply support? NATO and the United Nations, which have done so much good all around the world, are peacekeeping entities and have in the past intervened in situations that are not similar but are exactly like this. I’m not referring to adopting these people into their countries but setting up talks with the governments of these countries and figuring out solutions. Why is it that central america isn’t getting the reactions some of these other countries have gotten? I believe that the U.S. should lead a NATO or U.N. peacekeeping mission into this region, we are members of both organizations. Maybe with the new class of congresspeople coming in, they can ask these tough questions and pressure these methods into existence. My feeling is you can’t treat a broken leg with aspirin, we should find a real solution for some very real people in desperate need of support. Let’s trying adding global empathy and responsibility to the long list of global suffixes. Not that some of these entities haven’t already, we now need it in central america. This post is not about agreeing with my position, it’s about trying to recognize that there is a problem and, as a global community, finding the best solution to an ever growing problem that has seen good people displaced and expatriated by criminal elements.