murder god

With all the technology today, why do people think that they will get away with sending objects that will kill other people or why do they think that mass shootings at churches or schools or grocery stores are their idea and not someone else’s idea that is going to make sure that they are no where near the situation when it goes down. In my case, they were all outside the VA and when I stepped out they just stared and said “what makes you so special”. I guess because I know and I know that what you want doesn’t help me, it just makes sure that you can continue doing being the murder god.

  1. remember to visit your EENT doctor
  2. it doesn’t matter which way you point your thumb
  3. F*ed up from the FEET UP
  4. Catch the wave
  5. Eye will be seeing you
  6. Wrecked them or rectum, see your proctologist

The awkward part, one of them coerced a woman that I knew (wink), wanted to get in on the action of taking me out, I am worth $590,000 dead, which he would have gotten a taste of.