Sexual Predators

sexual predators

The signs of sexual predators are not hard to miss, here are some items that you can look for;

  1. Quid pro Quo – I did you a favor, now you owe me. It can be as simple as fixing your car to letting you off of felony immigration charges to offering protection.
  2. They’ll try and say it was you, not them – It could be recorded, it could be happening, they will try and convince you and everyone else that it was you and not them. They will try and turn it on you by saying phrases like “she/he wanted it” “she/he liked it”
  3. Sexual predators will be adept at setting traps – They will know exactly when the right time to pounce is. They will surveil you and now exactly what to do  and when you are at your most vulnerable, i.e. asleep, incapacitated or by yourself and feeling lonely and vulnerable. They might try and cause those conditions if possible.
  4. They feel entitled or powerful – They feel that it’s within their right to do it. That you must submit. That they can do whatever they want. They feel that they can do what you can’t or that you can’t do what they can. They liken themselves to superheroes.
  5. They try and create Stockholm Syndrome – They will make you feel like you are one of the team, that you are part of them, that you must join them for your sake.
  6. They will use fear as a tool – They will scare you into submission. They will make you feel like you should do what they want and do what they say. That, that is the only way out. They will try and make you cry, make you weak, both physically and mentally and doubt yourself.
  7. They will try and confuse you – They will use whatever tricks they can to make you think you are crazy, that you got it wrong, that they are the good ones and you are the bad one. They will say “prove it” a lot. They will say “drop it”. They will call you a “liar”. They will try and change the subject. They will try and turn you against people that are trying to help you.
  8. They will try to humiliate you and embarrass you – They will try to keep you quiet by humiliating you and embarrassing you. Try and convince you that no one will believe you. Call you names like whore or slut for women/wives and gay for men/ husbands trying to protect their wives.
  9. They are dangerous – If they feel cornered, they might resort to violence or harm you in any capacity within their means. They might try to sabotage your car, injure your back or any method that will get you to stop your allegations.
  10. They use intimidation – They will try an outnumber you or use their size to intimidate you. They might try and outsmart you or use their high intellect to make you feel overwhelmed,

The more powerful the person/entity the more means they have. It’s difficult, you and/or you family might have been sexually assaulted and then you have to contend with the fight they will bring to you if you dare challenge them. They will definitely be narcissistic, their thought patterns is “we can make it happen” when it comes to sex.