MPO: What’s love got to do with it

tina turner

This has nothing to do with Tina Turner except that she is an amazing singer. The fact is that too many people base there judgments on likability. They are easily swayed by a person that is likable and tend to decry people that aren’t as charismatic or amiable. That likability factor plays a role in how people perceive one another. This doesn’t mean likable people aren’t good people but that they sometimes get the benefit of the doubt more often than they should. My criteria for deciding is simple, I will always choose the side of the person that is right over the person that is wrong. I can hate you, loathe you, think nothing of you  but if you are right, you will have my support. I can love you, like you, feel that you are a great person but will fight against you if you are wrong. It is that simple. It should be that simple for everyone but it’s easier said than done.