GGG v Canelo 2: Review

canelo ggg 2

Just watched the replay of GGG v Canelo and all I can say is god damn, what a fight! GGG looked like he got a bit older but fought beautifully and Canelo is figuratively made of cast iron. After watching the replay, there is one thing that is not in doubt, GGG won, at least 8 rounds, no one can deny that after re-watching the fight. The bettng odds were -160 Golovkin to +130 Canelo. So if you bet $1000 on Canelo then you just walked away with $2300. That’s a hell of a payday.

GGG landed the big shot in round 10 that had Canelo holding on and noticeably zapped his strength. I had GGG winning rounds 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11 – without a doubt. Canelo had all the other rounds, some in doubt.

I think when a fight of this magnitude is this close and doesn’t end up in a knockout, the commission should call the decision as a provisional decision until a review can be had the next day by 6 judges. Then you hand down the official decision.

I’ve seen some outraged analysts over this rematch take to the airwaves and voice their displeasure and I thought that they were overreacting but it seems that they were right.

I won’t pay for number 3 but I think that it is definitely warranted, plus, I would like to see Canelo win one.