canelo ggg 2

Ok, I wasn’t going to buy this fight. My thoughts were simple, “I’m not going to buy this fight”, but then I reasoned that I didn’t get myself a birthday gift this year yet and my birthday just passed, so, I bought the fight. Was it worth it, ehhhhh, no, but I reasoned again that if I had attended the fight it would have cost a crap load more plus birthday gifts are all about splurging on yourself. Now, I’m not saying that the fights weren’t good, they were, for the most part. You had everything in this PPV set-up. The flashy left hook one punch damn that looked like it hurt knockout of O’Sullivan by Lemieux, who can no longer use the moniker “Spike” as it now belongs to Lemieux. He can use Fido or Rover, maybe lassie since he’s Irish, but not Spike. No one named Spike goes down like that in the first round on a single punch. You had the track meet, more like a sprint since it ended in three, with Munguia hitting everything and anything that dares enter the ring between the bell sounds (opening and ending). If you watch the fight, you see the ref gets hit as well and I don’t believe it was by accident. Munguia reminds me of that movie, A Quiet Place, as I think he might have vision problems and hits what he hears. Cook wasn’t trying to hit Munguia, he was taking money from his socks, that he put there, and was trying to give it to Munguia so Munguia would stop beating the swoop off of his his now politically correct Nike shorts. Then you had  Chocolatito, Roman Gonzalez, fighting against his dad, or what seemed like his dad as the 5’3″ Gonzalez dispatched his 5’6″ opponent with a right hand that sent him into dream land, where, I’m sure, he dreamt, which is an appropriate past participle tense of dream, that he won.

Then, the big drama show, GGG v Canelo. I don’t know what happened but it seemed like there was a role reversal of sorts as Canelo barely took a step backwards and Triple G was using the stick and moving backwards. My first thought right away was, this is bad for Gennady. If he doesn’t back up Canelo, his mystique and his prowess seems defeated. This, not the fight itself, is what lost him the fight. Canelo’s team and Canelo should be congratulated, for pulling it off, the greatest illusion in boxing this year. Let me explain, when you have a boxer that decimates everything that is in front of him and he is now backing up, he must not be effective, at least that’s the mind set, think Rocky III or II or any of the freaking Rocky films. That is the common thought amongst lay boxing spectators, not that he fought the same way Canelo did in the last fight and was more effective than Canelo but that the guy that KO’s tanks isn’t denting Canelo. GGG landed the heavier blows, hurt his opponent, made Canelo hold or he would have suffered a knock down but didn’t live up to his word as making it a center of the ring slugfest. Canelo, for his part, did something that no one ever did to GGG, he walked him down, Canelo manned up and came forward almost all night. Who did I think won, hahaha, would you believe that I had it a draw? I think GGG eked it out because I’m old school and believe that you must actually take the belt from the champion and while Canelo came for the belt, straight ahead all night, he got rocked, noticeably, and Canelo couldn’t do that to GGG. That, right there, was the difference for me, but since fights are scored by round and not by who was hurt the worst, I still think GGG might have eked it out and so do most of the online publications. Personally, you can kind of tell that GGG lost a step and he might want to fight a couple of more times but I think that he should start planning for life after boxing as, you can tell, the time is coming. But Congratulations to the Canelo team and Golden Boy productions, they had the better game plan and pulled it off.

I will say one more thing, I did buy this PPV event because of the under card and the seemingly good match ups but I promise these promoters that I will never buy another one of their events unless their is at least one female event. This is the last time I ever buy an event without the diversification of having at least one female bout. Come on guys, we’re in 2018, you could have shared the wealth with a Braekhus, Shields, Taylor, Hardy, Juarez or a Hammer. You should be willing to expand the sport to get better viewership, plus I find their fights somewhat exciting due to the 2 minute rounds.