MPO: Legacy



Looking at the funeral of the late Senator John McCain, I’m reminded of the word legacy. What you leave behind for the world to judge you and your actions. As President after President gave speeches about Sen. McCain, you can see that he is leaving a legacy of unity and humility. After all, he asked the two people that defeated the Senator for the highest office in the nation to eulogize him. As I look deeper, I see that he has a Democrat and a Republican President eulogize him, as I look even deeper, I see that he has an African American and an Anglo American President eulogize him. With one swoop, the late John McCain represented his ideals and his goals in his own funeral. For a country to be united against nonsensical -isms. To look past the obvious and to explore a better future. If anyone says that the two former Presidents sitting next to each other with their respective wives and sharing smiles and laughter and tears didn’t bring hope into their heart, then they are presently a zombie, dead inside. I can see Sen. McCain looking down from heaven and smiling hoping that he started something new, an era of compromise and unity. Unfortunately he had to die to do it and that’s a trick that only he could have pulled off and one that he could only do once.