Canelo v GGG

Canelo v GGG 2

The bad blood brewing between both boxers builds because both believe by-standing belittles boxing. I hope that makes sense, what I was trying to say with just using the letter b is that they are both going to try and make a statement. I have respect for both fighters, regardless of what was reported in the past. GGG, almost always the gentleman, has taken a stand as being treated as the opponent when he is the long standing champion and an impressive one by his record. Canelo, his sole loss to Mayweather, which I blame his trainer for not having a proper game plan because Canelo could have easily beaten him, made a very interesting point, that he was the better boxer and concedes that he is not the harder puncher but power isn’t everything in boxing or Randall Bailey would have reigned king until he retired because there are few people that can match that kind of power. Canelo feels that too much was made of the clenbuterol fiasco and that he will prove it by dethroning the champion.

I agree, to a certain extent, that the incident should be put behind us and as long as he sticks with VADA, or any drug testing regiment, that we should let Canelo fight without distraction. I also agree with GGG in that he had the right to be disappointed with his opponent. Why not? GGG, the consummate professional, feels that his opponents mistake should be discussed and should reflect in creating parity in the purse. I believe that’s reasonable, again. to a certain extent. Once addressed and the points agreed on and you decide to agree on the match then you have basically said that you believe that Canelo will do the right thing and stay clean, so we don’t have to harp on it any longer. The thing that I do notice is that if they were angry, then they are the most calm angry people I ever met. I don’t think they were angry at all, I think that they leveraged their positions like good business people. While they have this reported animosity, I can’t hardly see it. Losing respect is not the same as being angry, it likens more to being disappointed in their opponents actions. We can all be disappointed in someone else. I will say this, the angry fighter will lose, because fighting angry clouds judgement and creates mistakes.

I say good luck to both fighters and my prediction is , wait for it, that a fight will occur on Sept. 15th and the better “boxer” will win. And they’re both excellent boxers.