My Personal Opinion: Chivalry Should Never Die


When the First Lady when on her trip to see the accommodations of children facilities, she was immediately criticized for wearing a jacket. To the President’s credit, he immediately defended the First Lady in what was a fact finding trip that she was under no obligation to do. The First Lady realized that the criticisms that her husband was facing might have been over stated, as some media outlets will do. I applaud her actions. Some quickly derided her actions and the President defense of his wife was nothing less than chivalrous. That is what a husband should do for his wife when people that just want to criticize and start lambasting a person without getting all the factual information. With that being said, I disagree with this administration’s stance on immigration. I hope that a better solution to the immigration and DACA situations can be reached.

FLOTUS, in my opinion, is handling herself with a tremendous amount of grace and dignity under the circumstances. It is to her credit that she takes time out to make sure that the rights of immigrants aren’t being trampled on, something that goes beyond what FLOTUS duties regularly are and somewhat contradicts what POTUS is trying to establish.