scorpion and the frog

We have all heard the paradoxical tale of the scorpion and the frog. The scorpion wants to get across the river and the frog at first refuses, worried that if he/she does that the scorpion will sting him/her. The scorpion reasons with the frog and convinces him/her that he/she won’t because if he/she did, then they would surely both die. The frog agrees and the scorpion stings him/her midway across the river. The reason he/she says is because it is in his/her nature. This is a tale of not to be like the frog, if a scorpion asks you to carry it across the river, tell the motherfucker to take an UBER across the bridge and then tell your friends “holy shit, I met a talking scorpion”.

The moral of the story is nature can’t help itself, what’s your excuse.

If your nature is integrity, then that’s what you will do and become;

If your nature is to do the right thing, then that’s what you will do and become;

If you nature is to create havoc, chaos and destruction; then I have a couple of addresses I would like you to visit.