My Opinion On Politics

head scratcher

With everything that’s going on in the world of politics, you sometimes wonder how we are a functional society. You have the midterm elections coming up and people will go out to vote, I won’t, not because I don’t feel voting is the right thing to do but because you have some extremely conflicting ideologies that are moving so far to the their perspective sides that I feel that voting either way would just create more problems than solutions. Maybe that’s the message the American people should take until these ideologies start meeting in the middle somehow. Imagine an election without a vote, except for the delegates themselves, that would be a powerful message from the people that the parties should start working together.

And the winner for whatever office is so and so from the whatever party with 7 votes to 5 votes, with the winner having more family members.

To the Dems,

I would like to say that Hillary Clinton lost because she lost, not because of any outside influence by any agency. Sometimes you just don’t win because you weren’t the right person at the right time, novel idea right. While I understand the psychology of wanting to place the blame on someone else, sometimes, especially when you are feeling over confident, you don’t see the pitfalls that lie right in front of you. I wrote in a blog in 2016 that the only person that could lose to the Repubs was Sec. Clinton, not because she wasn’t qualified, she is very qualified for the post but because of the excess baggage that she was towing. I also wrote that the only person that could beat all the Repubs was Senator Sanders but he wouldn’t beat Sec. Clinton. My prediction played out. That’s life and we move on. For the Dems to now combat the move of the right  to go more towards the left is a mistake. Former President Obama won on the ability to reach both parties and his message was not move to the extreme left, it was one of hope of solutions and reuniting the country. It wasn’t the message that lost the Dems the election, it was, and I like Sec. Clinton, but it was her. Sorry, some might disagree. My solution to you winning is to find a way to integrate your social programs with private capital ventures. It’s fiscally irresponsible to say or think we can do everything you propose without increasing taxes, even though I would love free healthcare and education. Ultimately, we’re paying for it anyway. Give special corporate rates to companies that implement a social program that is worthwhile. Find a way to motivate the capitalistic company to give back in a socialistic manner. I still have that gym with free healthcare idea. Give a big company a special low tax corporate rate to implement it and it’s a win win situation. Has there been a private venture that has accommodated or made cheaper any other expenditure, just look at Tesla and there space exploration, saving tax payers millions.

To the Repubs,

Becoming a divisive party that rules by conflict is only good when you want to topple another nation, not when you want to unite ours. It is my opinion that you should shed your previous monikers of being the party of the old white guy, that’s what the popular opinion is, and remake your party as the party of fiscal responsibility, no crayola categories.  Constant conflict wears down people and countries and it saps your energy. While I like, so far, the way the country is heading fiscally, I feel that it won’t be sustainable if we are in a constant state of turmoil. The ability to find solutions, no matter who presents the answer, is key to creating a better tomorrow. While I liked playing the dirty dozens on the school yard, it makes me cringe when I see it in my politics. My solution to you winning is to start being more inclusive. Add a little spice in your life, by that I mean get a Pres Sec. that is a moderate and have at least one left leaning adviser who is loyal to you and the country so you can get the opposite perspective. This will help you in winning some of the left “IF” the economy keeps it upward trend. Oh, yeah, this probably goes best unsaid but I’ll say it anyway, you don’t have to pick a fight with all the people that criticize you, because no matter what, 45% of the people will, and that will leave you exhausted and give you a reputation as a bully. My solution for that is that you can try giving them a compliment and just say you don’t agree with them on that particular issue. It works. Point out their good deeds and say you just don’t agree with their political perspective.

Those are my thoughts but I guess if my point of views worked, I wouldn’t be a retired blogger. Good Luck to both parties.