The Zero-Tolerance Debate

zero tolerance

The latest rage is a zero tolerance policy that has both sides of the country pitted against each other, oddly enough, not completely both sides of the political aisle. I don’t know what to make of it. It’s both bad and good. Where do I start, the Dems feel that the policy is abusive and meant to single out immigrants that are trying to escape war torn countries and countries that are run by cartels more than their government. The Repubs, not a name for a bar or a place to get a black and tan but short for Republicans, feel that the rule of law should take hold and that zero tolerance would prevent abuses, here. What can I say, they’re both right. There is a list of cases that have entered court about people being coerced due to their immigration status. The people that hold these items over your head for the purpose of sex and money are predators and they have no heart. The Dems have largely ignored these abuses. On the other hand , to turn people away from our borders so they will meet their or their families certain demise and say it’s not our problem even though we like to use them for cheap labor, well, that’s just as bad. We can’t identify ourselves as Christians, Buddhists, Jews or Islamists and say at the same time, we aren’t going to help you. Those are two completely opposing ideologies. I don’t remember any verse that said go forth and block your fellow man from entering and send them back into the pits of hell for we don’t help anyone except ourselves. Are we or are we not a global community? Isn’t it up to the most powerful nation in the world to try and find a solution? To come together with our neighboring nations and work out a feasible plan?  How can we attack Assad or ISIL and claim human right abuses and not find a way to eliminate the drug cartels that are much closer to our borders. Aren’t they a more imminent threat to our national security then Assad? How does the old saying go, “It only takes one rotten apple to spoil the bunch”, well, these cartels are in the same bushel as us, how are you going to ignore that rotten apple?

I’m glad I’m a blog, barely anyone reads me, so sad, but I can put my thoughts on this page because I’m sure the cartels won’t read me and if they did, I’m a blogger with 7 followers, I’m not changing policy. They’re a scary bunch and I’m not Superman. So, who is right and who is wrong? To me, like I have said many times before, zero-tolerance and sanctuary cities are extreme measures on opposite side of the lineal spectrum. We have to find a way to meet in the middle.