STOP THE NRA….. Why do we want to stop the NRA?


With all these school shootings and people killing their family and then themselves, the NRA has come under increased scrutiny. They represent a faction of people that believe in something that is ingrained in our constitution, the right to bear arms. The second amendment reads as follows: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. The question is should the NRA be made the scapegoat for what our founding fathers found important enough to make it the second amendment. By that I mean, there is only one before it and eight after it. Most people think the NRA is a bunch of lunatics that would love nothing more than to wage war on the streets, I think just the opposite. I think that their whole premise is that an armed society would prevent war on the streets. While I, personally, think that’s what they are saying, I don’t necessarily agree with either position. I don’t think guns make a difference as to how people behave or choose to express their frustrations. While, yes, guns in the hands of a immature, frustrated and angry person can cause some serious damage, so can many other things. The unabomber didn’t use a gun, should we ban firecrackers; Jeffrey Dahmer preyed on weaker people, should we ban gyms; Charles Manson used mind control on weak minded individuals, should we ban psychology; Marshall Applewhite talked 39 people into killing themselves so they could get on a UFO after a comet went overhead, in the name of some wacky religion, should we ban religion? The murder god collects his bodies either way. Guns or no guns.

The only thing that the NRA is really known for is supporting the Republican party. I don’t even know if any of the people were NRA members. No one has actually said that. Were these people NRA members; the schools shooters, gang members, organized crime syndicates? I know we have to let out our frustrations on someone or something but I think some people erroneously believe that getting rid of the NRA will get rid of guns, it won’t. It also won’t improve gun control. That’s what politicians are for. I personally believe that guns should not be allowed to anyone that can’t drink legally, I mean what fun is it to shoot soberly, right. That was a joke.

Guns should be allowed only to people that have a residence. If you have property to protect then you have a reason, according to the second amendment, to own a gun. If you don’t, then why do you need a gun, what are you protecting, your sneakers? If you made the owner (that includes those that rent) responsible for the guns that enter their homes then I am betting a lot less shootings would happen. If you read the second amendment, that is exactly what it states. Homeowners, as well as renters, are responsible for the freedom of their state, not their kids, not someone without an address, not someone that can up and move at a drop of a hat. This doesn’t mean you can’t buy your family members weapons, it just means that you are in a position to know whether or not that family member should be entrusted with a weapon and if you do get that person a weapon, then you might get held responsible for any actions that person does. Doesn’t that seem fair? And it’s exactly what the founding fathers had in mind when they wrote that amendment. You would need to show a mortgage or renter’s agreement as well as a license and only the person’s name on those documents would be able to buy a gun.

My problem is with attacking organizations because they represent something you don’t particularly agree with, even though it’s legal. The Repubs attack abortion clinics, notorious Demo supporters, but some have had their girlfriends get an abortion so their wives don’t find out. Why we do we attack these institutions, because of money? If the NRA were staunch Demo contributors and Planned Parenthood was a staunch Repub supporter, things would be reversed. The only organization that has, so far, given to both sides is the Marijuana companies and we have had both sides change their minds to support their lobbying efforts, right Colorado.

The only thing I really believe is in the freedom of choice as long as that choice doesn’t harm anyone else. Get an abortion if you like, buy a gun if you choose, I’m actually against legalizing Marijuana, but when and if it becomes the law of the land, then light up that doobie if you gotta have it, but just remember… puff, puff, pass. Don’t get greedy. And homeowners should be the only ones that can use a marijuana clinic. If their kids want some green tobacco, before they go out and drive to a party, then their dad or mom should get it for them so they can be responsible for the accident that might happen. Freedom of choice, ehh, responsible choice.

And let’s be honest, the most dangerous weapon against bad deeds is an education. I don’t own a gun but I do read, I write (some people might not agree) and I have a punching bag. The latter is for my back problems the first two are my self-defense measures.